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Our Story

RylieMay Canine Company is a venture dedicated to sharing our love and pride for all things canine. 

When I was 19-years-old, I rescued Rylie, who was only 4-months-old. Rylie came into my life during some of my lowest and darkest moments; Rylie saved my life, and everything I did moving forward was for her. 

With the love and devotion I have for Rylie - and in carrying that same mindset as we move forward in our lives - RylieMay Canine Company was born. RylieMay Canine Company is a platform for me to share the love and obsession I have for my dogs with other people who are equally obsessed with sharing the love they have for their dogs. 

RylieMay Canine Company is passionate about bringing a smile to your face every time you open a package from us, and also in helping people show their puppy pride! 

RylieMay Canine Company is also fiercely dedicated to saving as many lives as possible, so we are donating 15% of every purchase to different animal rescue organizations. By purchasing products from RylieMay Canine Company, YOU are directly contributing to rescuing animals. 

Hi. My name is RylieMay but my mom loves
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